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IT should support the organization, help advance its objectives, and serve the bottom line. At least that’s the theory.

For many, however, IT for IT’s sake is the norm, whether stated or not. This makes sense: people who work in IT enjoy IT. They like exploring new technologies and discovering what it can do. Whether a particular technology is right for the organization is not necessarily foremost in their mind.

The problem arises, however, when IT has to be paid for. The organizations that pay for IT expect to gain some business benefit from it. It is at that point IT must connect in some way to the bottom line.  If it doesn’t, if IT is just a cost center that doesn’t contribute  at some point to business value for the organization footing the bill, then it is a sure candidate for outsourcing.

The goal of this blog is to look at IT, technology trends, and technology issues and identify their likely business value, now or in the future. To that end, it will attempt to connect IT to the bottom line, hence the name, bottomlineIT.

Alan Radding, bottomlineIT author, has been writing about technology for 25 years. You probably have been reading  his writing in numerous leading IT industry publications like Computerworld and Information Week. As a ghostwriter, he has researched and written reports and white papers for leading IT analyst firms, including IDC and Gartner. He also researches and writes for leading consulting firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. In addition,  he writes for technology vendors, ranging from IBM, EMC, Dell, Nokia, and HP to midsize players and startups  for which he develops and writes white papers, case studies, ROI and TCO analyses, and Web content.

Feel welcome to check out my website,,  here, and DancingDinosaur, my independent blog on mainframe computing in the 21st century here.

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