IBM PureSystems Optimize Storage Too

IBM introduced the PureSystems products as expert integrated systems.  They are appliances, but with a twist. Like other IT appliances, they combined hardware (CPU, storage, network), software, and middleware in a tightly integrated package. Nothing new here. But then IBM optimized the entire system for the various components and added automation driven by expert intelligence in the form of patterns.  This was the twist, the secret sauce—expert intelligent-driven automation combined with top-to-bottom optimization—that promises to separate the PureSystems devices from all the other IT appliances out there. We covered a general discussion of PureSystems a few weeks ago here.

To recap: the result is a system with integrated expertise that combines the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud, and the simplicity of an appliance. The expectation is that it can fundamentally change both the experience and the economics of IT.

In short, with PureSystems, an organization can get a complete infrastructure stack up and running in hours, not days, weeks, or months. It avoids the need to over-buy and over-provision through intelligent workload elasticity. Highly virtualized and easily extendable, it can accommodate change quickly and easily. In the process, it changes the economics not only of server deployment but of storage too.

Storage is a key element. To make maximum the use of virtual servers PureSystems needs virtualized storage. Virtualized storage makes storage provisioning fast, easy, elastic, and flexible. The built-in expertise transparently boosts storage utilization rates. It automatically pools diverse storage assets and optimizes physical media access for energy efficiency.  It leverages Easy Tier for efficient performance and thin provisioning to keep pace with growing data demands.

To provide the appropriate storage PureSystems includes an optimized Storwize V7000; this is IBM’s premier storage virtualization product. The storage is 100% virtualized and includes capabilities for thin provisioning and snapshots. Mirroring capabilities are optional. Between the expert automation and the GUI storage operations are intuitive and simple. It packs 24 drives in 4 bays in the chassis. By clustering PureSystems together, you can get 950 drives of high capacity virtualized storage.

As a statement of direction, IBM intends to further enhance the integration of server, storage and networking with the introduction of an IBM Flex System storage node. This new storage system will tap the software functional richness of IBM Storwize V7000—including IBM System Storage Easy Tier for automated SSD optimization—while being physically and logically integrated into the IBM PureFlex System. This will allow greater integration of server and storage management to automate and streamline provisioning and lower overall cost.

Attendees at the upcoming IBM Edge 2012 conference, Orlando, June 4-8, get a close up look at PureSystems and the Storwize V7000 storage packed inside.  Five sessions on the new product have been added.  Several are what you would expect, like a PureSystems introductory session.  For storage people two look particularly interesting.

Storage for IBM PureFlex System: PureFlex is the PureSystems IaaS product. This session will go over the storage systems and management included in every IBM PureFlex offering. Although it will mainly focus on Storwize V7000, there are ways to integrate other external IBM storage.

IBM PureFlex System: Scalable Network: This session will focus on the networking element and will include a discussion on architecture, strategy, new product offerings, and a roadmap for networking using the next‐generation platform.  Clustering the appliances and the storage is sure to come up.

This blogger is scheduled to attend the conference June 4-6. For a chance to win free admission to the conference, watch this blog for upcoming posts with the details. And now for the legal stuff:  this post is sponsored, meaning I am being compensated, by the Storage Community for covering IBM’s Edge Conference.  However, the opinions and writing here are my own.

Hope to see you in Orlando.


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